Student Testimonials

Donnie has been teaching me how to play guitar and read/understand tab. I've been learning how to play some pretty cool riffs along the way. I've even learned a few songs and i'm only 5 lessons in. I'm excited to see where this can go.

Donnie is a great teacher. He has good patience. He also gives you material to work which helps to keep you on track.

Andrew R

Herb S.

Very nice and patient. Donnie makes sure you understand what’s happening before moving on and he also doesn’t go too fast. I learned how to read tabs in the first session already, which I had been struggling with! I’m very excited to continue lessons with him.

Donnie is patient and encouraging. He has all kinds of ways to help me get past some the tough stuff. Absolutely recommend him to anyone.

Rocielle R.

Andrea H