How to Supercharge Your Learning (and Improve Your Life)

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Over the last few months I have read several books that have changed my perspective on how I should go about my day. Since then, I have encouraged a number of my students to check out these titles as they have information that is directly related to learning to play guitar.

One of the key things that learning an instrument does is reorganize your mind. By stretching your capabilities you not only learn an enjoyable skill, but the added mental exercise also optimizes your brain. As this happens, it is useful for us to know how to accelerate this process and therefore get the benefits more quickly as well as in greater volume.

Below are two books that have a direct application to learning to play guitar, they also will change the way you go about your day.


The full title of this book is, “The Talent Code: Greatness Isn't Born. It's Grown.“ In this book Daniel writes about the common thread between places that generate high performing individuals at an accelerated rate. What do soccer players from Brazil and tennis players from Russia have in common? Why have some of the most prolific musicians in the last half-century come out of certain musical academies?

The application of this information is the vital thing found in this book. Daniel explains how our brain works and how we can learn more in less time.

As my students study with me I hope we will be able to fully take advantage of the techniques in this book. Remember: greatness isn’t born, it’s grown.


We all know how it is, that day will come when you really, really, don’t want to practice your guitar. If you’re like me you’d probably rather waste your time in front of the TV and let your mind be idle. While there is nothing wrong with taking a bit of time to check out and watch TV, that time sometimes comes too regularly. This causes us to throw our time away instead of achieving our goals.

So, what is the solution? Perhaps, you should just grit your teeth and run through a bit of practice before putting it down and doing what you really want to do. But, you’ll find that using your willpower to practice will only last for so long. Then, you won’t practice at all.

Dr. Benjamin Hardy has dedicated his career to writing about willpower and how to set up your environment so it is less and less necessary. In his book he examines all of the tips and tricks we can use to automate our days so we can achieve our goals with less effort.

While no system is perfect, I am working on implementing several of Hardy’s methods in my own life and I hope you will too.

I will add books to this list as I read them, I am a firm believer that we can improve our lives by developing the efficiency and effectiveness of our minds.

Let me know what you think of these books! I have considered writing my own chapter-by-chapter study guide for each of these books.

Happy reading!

Written by Donnie Emmack

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