My process

I provide my students with stability and a proven method to continually grow their skills.

How it Works:


Meet the student and get to know their needs

I know this seems obvious, but it surprises me how often I see programs and teachers taking a one-size-fits-all mentality.


My goal is to make sure every student feels that I care about their success.


Make Practice Practical

Not sure if you're making progress? Will the things I'm practicing actually become music?

Having music to play along with is essential to mastering your instrument.


Find or create a curriculum that fits their needs

I've had students tell me that their former teachers never really provided them with a plan. Instead they just threw concepts at them each week.


I won't do that! You'll always have specific goals and you'll know where we are heading next.


Review Regularly

It is critical that every now and again you take a chance to smell the roses and see where you've been.

It's a great feeling when you go back and realize, "I remember when that was hard!"

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